Saturday, 2 February 2013


I was lining up for lunch at Tim Hortons yesterday when I noticed an elderly woman, in her late 60s, sitting alone in a corner table seriously devouring a book more than the muffin in front of her.  She put down the book, took a sip of her coffee and wiped her mouth with a napkin.  She stared blankly towards my direction as if visualizing and digesting what she just read.  I peeked at what she was reading:  50 Shades of Grey.

I took a second look to make sure I was not imagining it.  This woman, who is somebody's grandmother, is reading about bondage, ass whopping and kinky sex between a dominant man and a submissive girl in view of a busy lunch crowd.  I mean,  honestly..

I suddenly realized how mainstream being edgy and wild has become nowadays.  Literary porn has apparently reached a wider demographic from what I'm seeing.

The 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon started with a subculture of bourgeois 40-something housewives reading this in their hoity-toity book clubs, and having giddy discussions about S & M and a confused innocent young girl getting her ass spanked by a 28 year old billionaire.

It became such a sensation and even caused wide-spread concern as to who shall play the lead characters in the film adaptation.  Mind you, the book is god-horribly written.  It displays the massive disconnect between what is recognized as literary writing and commercial success in publishing.

Yes, I've read the book.  I read all 3 of them.  And all I can say is that 50 Shades of Grey is a book that is ought to be read and USED in the privacy of your own little red room.  It is a pornographic and masturbatory aid for readers, primarily women who do not necessarily enjoy porn, but who can reap the benefits of reading about it, add a little umph to the bedroom.  It is definitely not a book you take to the train and read like a novel, or in grandmama's case, in full view of strangers in a busy coffee shop.

It's been said that when your shoe-shine man starts sharing stock tips, it's time to sell.  Is it not the same thing when you see a Grandmother reading about fetishes and kinky playrooms filled with red leather furniture, you have to admit that the sub-culture of erotica has lost some of its appeal?  When Grandma starts droning about exotic sex practices, exotic sex practices get de-kinkified.

Last night, a discussion on talk radio zeroed in on the dominant/submissive subculture that seems to be very visible now in Toronto.  A mother called in complaining about his 8 year old boy, asking about their lesbian-couple neighbours whom he saw walking in broad daylight, one with a leather collar on her neck, attached to a leash that the other one was pulling.  Did this just put a fork in your libido?

How much farther out there do you need to go to be out there?


  1. It's a reaction to the movement of our culture away from conservative and religious authority that is doing the defining for us. What used to be offensive and deploring is now acceptable. As long as nobody is hurt in the process...

  2. Lots of monogamy couples are trying some watered down "kink" because of best sellers. Within each element there are still those that happily refuse to normify themselves to the vanilla. And yes they get pissed about it. Its Spankings turn at the coming of age ball. Put on your best leathers, its time to walk the floor for the folks.

  3. Did you not have enough time to discuss the book with Grandma? The blank stare could have meant something more than a digestion of kinky sex. Were you embarrassed for her? Would you have the same reaction had you caught your own mother reading it?

    I do know anything about this book. Have no intention of reading it as well. How it became a sensation is a mystery to me. How different is it from other lewd novels that are out there? I am interested to meet with the author's publicist ASAP.

    1. Grandma seemed like she didnt want to be distracted from her thoughts, the way she looked. She was in her safe place.

      Dude. Keep my mother outta this.

  4. Grandma and cock rings should never be together in one sentence. Oyyyyy......

  5. Bebsy, all this you processed while in line for iced capp? lol

    I love me my gay sisters and brothers in T-dot, but all these visual dominatrix while the sun is out is a little too much for me. NOt that there's anything wrong with it. Just a bit too much for li'l ol prude me. Unless it's gay pride.

    Gay readers, don't be hatin' my friends! Peace... xoxo

    1. Life happens when you're in line to get your iced capp at Tim's. (say whuuuuutttt?!?!?!) haha!

      Nervous, eh Luc? lol Dont worry, got your back, brotha!! xo