Wednesday, 2 January 2013

the true meaning of christmas, ya'll

Lucas (6) receives a $100 cheque from his Godfather for Christmas and shows it off to his sister Sofia (8).

Lucas:  (waves the cheque)I got a 100 dollars!  I got a 100 dollars! I got a 100 dollars!

Sofia:  (looks up from her book) Ahh Lucas, for your information, Christmas is about the love of your family and the love you share.  It's about being together during this season. Not the money you get from people.

Me:     (rolls eyes)

Lucas:  (looks at me and mouths..) What a loser!

She did not get that from me.  His reaction, however, is a totally different story.


  1. Haha. Not nice Lucas! But... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. LUCAS MAH MAN! HEHEHE. (great parenting, mamita!)