Wednesday, 28 April 2010

dem beeg gehls..

I was up late Saturday night finishing the Noah’s Ark cake topper for the Baptism Cake due next Sunday.

On tv was Gabourey Sidibe hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time. Now when I heard about this gig, I felt nervous for the girl. Don’t get me wrong, being a big girl myself, I’m always thrilled to see plus-sized women in mainstream entertainment, and you can hear me chant ‘heavy people unite’ once in a while. 

I saw ‘Precious’ and marveled at how a woman with no acting training in her belt can portray this sad, riveting and unfortunate character on screen. Everytime I see her on tv, that amazing personality just never ceases to shine through in every single interview. But SNL? I do not question her abilities as a comedian, however, I was very skeptical about Seth Myers’ writing faculties to not use Gabby’s weight and looks as sources of a punchline.

Howard Stern received a lot of flak when he went on a tirade against Gabby and her weight. Extract the profanities and even the mention of death, and put the rest of his rant on paper. Next to it, place this photo of Gabby. You see any truth to his claim? You think this woman will never have a career? Come on! 

You don’t lash out on someone for her physical attributes and then disguise it as call of concern. That's effing bullshit.  I’m one for freedom of speech but he crossed the line by being vicious, mean and nasty. He was not exercising his rights, he was being a jackass. 

Back in SNL world..In the opening monologue, she practically convinces everyone that she is not the character she plays in Precious. She, in fact, boasts of a happy childhood, supportive parents and a joyful outlook on life. 

She then turns it into an all-out song and dance number. Was that a sight to see. The song is a little shaky and a tad pitchy. Her nerves are quite noticeable. But the bitch can dance. Oh can she ever. The skits were witty and surprisingly funny (again, since Seth took reign… I don’t know…). She killed every single one of them. I was very pleased to have her as company as I was building my ark. Not bad for a Saturday night.

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